Women At The End Of The Land

A Wild Born Series Book

Through visual storytelling, ‘Women at the End of the Land’ explores and documents traditional midwifery wisdom and knowledge of indigenous Nenets women transmitted during their yearly winter migration across the Yamal peninsula.

My name is Alegra Ally and I am an ethnographer, photographer, and explorer. The expedition ‘Women at the End of the Land’ is part of the Wild Born Project, which I initiated in 2011 and have been tirelessly devoted to since. The Wild Born Project aims to explore and document traditional knowledge and ancestral wisdom of women members of remote tribal communities during the many phases of motherhood: pregnancy, birth, postpartum and right-of-passage rituals throughout each trimester. I started this project as a way to contribute to the revitalisation of indigenous knowledge in the present day, in order to ensure that their knowledge continues to be valued and can be passed down from grandmothers, to mothers to daughters and to the generations to come.

About the Authors

Alegra Ally is an Ethnographer, and an award winner photographer, whose work has focused on worldwide indigenous cultures, particularly involving the knowledge and practices associated with women’s major life changing moments such as pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and rite of passage.

In 2011 Ally has founded the “Wild Born Project” which focuses on discovering and documenting Indigenous women traditional and ecological knowledge, during the many phases of motherhood: pregnancy, birth, postpartum and right-of-passage rituals, as well as their experience of cultural and climate changes.

Ally’s work was featured in Sydney herald, Sunday Telegraph, New York Times, Huffington Post, Africa Geographic, Australian Photography,
and many other publications.

Ally is a recipient of several grants and fellowships including the Explorers club fellowship, Flag and honours committee at the explorers club and The Scott Pearlman field award which supported her ‘Women at the End of the Land – Deep in Arctic Siberia’ expedition.

In recent years her work has taken her to West Africa, India, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Polynesia, and the high Arctic of Yamal Peninsula, Siberia.

Ally was recently assigned as an advisor to the BBC Natural History Unit for a “Human Planet” series.

In her recent expedition ‘women at the End of the Land’, she has followed Nenets reindeer herders, during their winter migration, and has explored and documented traditional and ecological knowledge of Nenets women during the many phases of motherhood: pregnancy, birth, postpartum and right-of-passage rituals. This expedition was also awarded as a Flag Expedition with the Explorers Club.

Her first monograph, Women at the End of the Land – Deep in Arctic Siberia, will be released in the second half of 2019.

Alegra Ally Photographer


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New Path



This superbly Hardback book is published by Schilt Publishing. This book is the first in the “Wild Born Project” book series.

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